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Jeane is the co-founder of Sumner Digital and she's Inbound Marketing Certified by HubSpot. Her background in branding and design allows her to empower clients to communicate their brand effectively across all channels. She’s your guide through every step of your inbound marketing journey. When she’s not working you find her woodworking and painting - everything from furniture to walls.

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Boost Your Productivity Today - the Secret is in Your Smartphone!

The demands on you as a marketer are ever-increasing, and you have undoubtedly wished you could clone yourself several times over so you could get through a to-do list. What if we told you that...

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Harness the Power of Evergreen Content for Steady Growth

After you've hit the publish button on a new piece of content and shared your shiny new link across all of your social media platforms, you no doubt check your analytics to see how it affects your...

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Three Key Takeaways from the Principle of "Why" to Accelerate Business Growth

We introduced you to the concept of using "why" instead of "what" to boost your content engagement in a previous post but there is so much value in that one little word that we wanted to delve a...

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4 Analytics Reports you Can't Ignore for Inbound Marketing Success

In order to run successful inbound marketing campaigns, you rely heavily on data and analytics to see if your efforts are paying off. When you learn that some aspects aren't working as well as...

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Boost Content Engagement with this One Small Word!

You have put your best effort into creating great content that is in line with your inbound marketing goals but somehow, you're just not seeing the engagement you expected. You review your SMART...

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5 Reasons why Blogging Increases your Company's Visibility

In order to have a competitive advantage, your business has to be highly visible to potential customers. If you are not blogging regularly and providing great content for your audience, you are...

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Understanding your Buyer Persona with Psychographics

You've dug in and found out everything there is to know about your ideal customer and designed a perfect inbound marketing strategy to grab their interest and guide them through the buyer's...

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The Truth Behind the Real Work for Social Media Success

Social media is a fantastic tool to significantly amplify your inbound marketing and SEO efforts, but there is a lot more to it than crafting some pieces of content and posting them across your...

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Using your Blog Posts to Inspire Click-Throughs on your Site

Recently, we taught you about the importance of backlinks for SEO and how search engines use them to help prove the relevance of your information. Several weeks ago, we also talked about high...

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Build Customer Loyalty During the Holiday Season

There's nothing like the holiday season to spread a little cheer by delighting your customers and building upon their loyalty to your business. As you are aware, the delight stage of the buyer's...

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