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Scott is the co-founder and front-end developer at Sumner Digital. He has experience in web design, business development, strategy and marketing for small to mid-sized businesses. Scott is Inbound Marketing Certified from HubSpot. He’s an avid gamer and furniture maker. It’s all about balance.

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Four Times you NEED an SEO Audit to Maximize your ROI

The word "audit" may make you think of a long, tedious process that ends with multiple dollar signs, usually in someone else's pocket. In this case, an audit is more like a forensic investigation...

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4 Big Reasons why Responsive Web Design will Increase Profit for your Business

According to Google statistics, 94-percent of people perform local searches from their smartphones, even though 77-percent of those people are searching from work or home where desktop computers...

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Brace yourself for a Bot Invasion in 2017!

As you have been adopting inbound marketing strategies, you've also been adapting to new technologies to maximize your efforts and increase your efficiency. You've learned to work with data...

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PSA: Brute Force WordPress Attacks Double in the Past Few Weeks

If you are working with a web designer or developer to launch a new WordPress site and they are not insisting on using a comprehensive firewall designed for web applications, you need to fire them...

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Improve User Experience and SEO with Outbound Links

So far we have talked about how backlinks and internal links help improve your keyword rankings and boost your overall SEO. In this piece, we're going to talk about outbound links. As the name...

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Why backlinks are important for SEO

With all of the hype surrounding the importance of content in your SEO efforts, backlinks have really fallen by the wayside, and this is a critical oversight that can severely impact your search...

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Understanding Display Advertising and How it Generates Sales from Previous Visitors

Remember the days when viewing websites meant you'd have annoying popups or banner ads that appeared on the pages and they had absolutely nothing to do with what you were searching for? We were so...

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Why you Shouldn't let High Bounce Rates Stop your Heart

You think you've finally hit that magic formula for your business website; the pages are crisp and clean looking, the important things pop out, and you've checked it out on your mobile device to...

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How Do Long Tail Keywords Make a Difference?

At one time, getting your site returned on the first page of search engine results meant choosing single keywords and using them as much as possible throughout your site. Today, long tail keywords...

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