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Four Times you NEED an SEO Audit to Maximize your ROI


The word "audit" may make you think of a long, tedious process that ends with multiple dollar signs, usually in someone else's pocket. In this case, an audit is more like a forensic investigation that provides you with every detail you need to "solve the case" and maximize your SEO efforts. You'll put money back into your pocket in the form of huge time savings and improved website traffic if you get an SEO audit, especially before doing four things that are pretty common when working with websites.

Four Times an SEO Audit Provides Maximum ROI

seo-audit-time.pngAs the anchor for all of your inbound marketing efforts and the online equivalent of bricks and mortar for your business, your website has to rank highly on search engines. High rankings help establish your credibility, inspire trust in people looking for your products or services and they help drive new traffic. These are basics that we're sure you already know, but reinforcing them is critical. If your site isn't ranking how it should, you can spend countless hours and money trying to fix the issues blindly, often with little improvement for your investment. Obtaining an SEO audit before trying to make improvements will give you the information you need to maximize your ROI because you will have a detailed analysis that tells you exactly where the problems or weaknesses are. There are four times in particular where you can get maximum benefit from an SEO audit:

Before starting a website redesign.

If you're considering a redesign, you need an SEO audit. It will highlight the weaknesses of your current site's search engine ranking. Investing in a redesign without knowing what's currently not working for you is much like putting a beautiful coat of paint over a rusty car that doesn't run. If problems with the mechanics and the framework of your site aren't diagnosed, creating the most beautiful new look and ease-of-use aren't going to improve your website's popularity with the search engines.


After the launch of your website redesign.

You've invested in a new redesign, and things look good, but you're just not getting the traffic or rankings you anticipated. Even if you created the redesign based on an audit that was performed on the previous website, a new SEO audit will pinpoint what areas didn't get enough focus. If your website is performing well, a post-redesign audit can make it even better. It doesn't take much for rankings to drop if there are SEO issues, so a follow-up audit several weeks after your launch is a great way to ensure you're maximizing the ROI on your website.

A periodical well-being health check-up.

Just like you should get an annual physical to ensure optimal health, you should get a regular SEO audit for early detection of issues that affect your website's rankings on the search engines. The sooner you identify and fix an issue; the less your rankings will be affected.


To create solutions to search engine issues.

Your site has dropped into oblivion (off the first page) in the search engines, and you need to fix it now. An SEO audit will show you exactly what went wrong and where to begin fixing it. Without this critical information, you can lose months of high rankings while trying to make improvements and that means all of your other inbound marketing efforts suffer as well. Lost leads mean lost profits!


A professional SEO audit is the best way to maximize your ROI on the time and money spent to get the most of your website. Let's get started on yours!


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Scott Sumner

Written by Scott Sumner

Scott is the co-founder and front-end developer at Sumner Digital. He has experience in web design, business development, strategy and marketing for small to mid-sized businesses. Scott is Inbound Marketing Certified from HubSpot. He’s an avid gamer and furniture maker. It’s all about balance.

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